Dear Reader,

I am grateful that you took out time to read this blog.

The first post will briefly tell you as to why I am here, and what I plan to achieve from this blog. Despite being an ephemeral writer, I don’t really know how a blog works. I tried it once before but I lost interest. Now that’s not the first time I have lost interest in the things that I claim to love. (No pun intended). Yes, I have a short attention span and I get bored, just too soon, and quickly.

So, because I thought I was wasting time on the unnecessary, I planned to devote time on the essential. Yes, I love to write and I love to shop, also I work in a 9-6 kind of environment where numbers and not words, work. I am partly a marketer and partly an analyst. So, you see I need to belch out my pent up emotions somewhere; but I am sure you won’t get bored. I am everything but boring.

I intend to take you through my impressive shopping experiences, no I won’t do a haul in here; I am barely getting used to blogging, remember? I will post the links of the things that I fancy, a lot of pictures maybe because I’ve heard I have a good taste in clothes, fine wine, and food and of course I write! Also, I would be a stylist, had my parents not forced me to take up something steadier. So get ready to ride on an ‘all things girls love’ kind of a journey which I hope will keep you busy.

Please leave reviews, if you feel it’s worth it! I just embarked on a journey to accomplish the unaccomplished in my life and I am grateful, now you are a part of it.

Yours Truly,

SA Zoya

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