Being Woman


Our job is easy as women.

Homemaker or a working professional… we don’t have to either thrive or strive for much,

We are women, we get it easy.

We can multitask, break our bones from early mornings till late hours without getting tired,

Why? That’s, because we asked for it!

Our family should always be our priority, yet, professionally we should do better than most men,

So that we get to stay at work comfortably.

We must carry babies for nine months and work without complain,

At home or in office, we should be able to sustain, the hardships and the pain.

We are women, we get it easy.

We do more than men yet on ‘Those’ days you can’t afford to get lazy.

Why? That’s because we were born to act crazy,

On certain days of the month.

The men will do better without us, or so they think, 

After all, we aren’t the crown, but just one of the jewels on it.

I am still struggling to understand ourselves,

A little more brain and a little just a face!

Yet, time and again I get confused,

When our appearance is being constantly judged and IQ ignored.

Our job will always remain easy, because we as women, hereditary asked for it,

We’d always be physically rusted and emotionally weak,

To those sitting on their egoistic peak.

We are women but that’s how we’ll survive, we are women & that’ll keep us alive.

We as women should know our worth,

No amount of labels that the world bestows upon us should ever shake our trust,

Yet, we are women and that’s maybe a curse, it’ll perhaps take another lifetime before we are valued more than dust.

Until then remember,

We may not be as mighty, as all their might, yet, as a woman let’s take pleasure in being our own knight.

Ⓒ Prakriti Kundaliya