These are a few of my favourite brands…

I am a major shopaholic. The first half of the month I am busy buying; the second half of the month leaves me wondering whether I actually needed any of that.

Still nothing has ever deterred my shopping spirit, it’s my Christmas. I have stuff in my wardrobe with tags intact, since forever, the only excuse that I give myself for not wearing it is… It’s special and I am waiting for the right time.

I have a Just Cavalli Halter worn twice, in an absolute mint condition, anybody interested?? I am in a giveaway mood. If it fits you it’s yours. I got that as a gift but because it doesn’t fit me too well I feel the rightful owner should claim the piece.

It’s been my favourite since 2010 and because I don’t do justice to the brand I feel it’s better to finally say goodbye to this old friend.

Now coming back to my shopping. I’d like to share with you the brands that I buy and the websites that I refer to while shopping online. I am an impatient shopper with absolutely no patience to brave the long queues or to go through innumerable racks to find just the piece that I have in mind. I don’t like the hassle of carrying shopping bags. I am just too lazy for all of that, so to shop more conveniently I took help of online shopping. It was difficult at first but I got the hang of it after a few attempts. Now after so many years, I am perfect to become an online fashion consultant; which I partly do as a hobby currently only in office and for some friends.

The online shopping scenario has improved drastically over the years, thank goodness for the promotions, even toddlers know about websites. Still, there are so many brands available that you’d find quantity reigning over quality. There are only a few Indian websites that I’d prefer for buying online fashion. A Nike or an Adidas can be bought from almost every site but till sometime back it was impossible to get fashion labels like Topshop or Missguided on an India website.

Clearly if you’re a fashion fanatic only 1 website does Justice to your wardrobe and that’s JABONG. Yes, my views could be biased since I am one of their most loyal customer. I have never really faced a problem in either their service or the quality. So every week the Javas guy rings a bell at my door to deliver something or the other.

Of course like any others online seller they too have a gamut of brands under them but the top 10 international brand one should look out for are:

  1. Topshop –
  2. Dorothy Perkins –
  3. Missguided –
  4. Buggati –
  5. Miss Selfridge –
  6. River island –
  7. Next –
  8. Forever New –
  9. Mexx & –
  10. New Look –

I have minimum two pieces of each of them in my wardrobe and I can swear by the old gods and the new gods that they deserve to be bought. The quality of the clothes is unmatched; such fine clothes on forever discount. Go on, see for yourself, you can thank me later!!

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