Summer Nostalgia

Today while playing hide and seek,

We realised there weren’t plenty of places to hide;

Neither tree trunks, nor slides inside,

How in the world do we even pass our time?

It’s been ages that missy went outside,

or ran after a detached kite,

She doesn’t know any kids her age,

and doesn’t know the fun of summer break!

She hides inside on seeing a new face,

Only house helps are her saving grace…

I remember when we were her age,

We used to look forward to summer days!

Climbing up the tree and cycling unceasingly,

everything done assiduously!

The fun it was, to stay back at granny’s place,

and laze around reading,

Tintin, Asterix & Obelix the entire day!

Video game parlours were always full,

and life in summers was never dull!

We used to wait in excitement for the candy floss man,

And ran like maniacs behind the ice cream van.

The evenings were spent not in the park but fields,

where each had occupied space for their teams;

Cricket & soccer were the obvious sports,

nevertheless, someone always chalked out the ground for pitthu & stappo.

Evenings came and so did all the mums to the ground,

they sat on the bench and gossiped around;

the summers I remember were crazy and warm,

it makes me nostalgic but I remember most of the smells and sound!

I remember how my friends called me from 3 blocks away,

Their persistent shrieks would always brighten my day…

I remember the smell that encroached the veranda to reach my room,

The beautiful white ‘raat ki rani’, spread across the garden, in full bloom.

These are all recollections of my summer memories,

I am scared missy would have a different experience than this.

The times have changed, and I pray they change again,

Before she grows up, I want to live it all with her,

Once again!

When all you have is today!

“I don’t want to live anymore”, said the healthy but tired soul.

“I don’t want to die, please save me”, said the dying, wrecked soul..

Yet before we ever acknowledge the desire to live, dawns a realisation that someone has already finished writing the climax to our ending, as if to remind us that life works as per his plans. As if to remind us that being just a drop in the ocean doesn’t mean we can control him, who contains the ocean!

Every passing year is a gentle reminder that my days are now numbered, I can be certain of now but not tomorrow then why do my thoughts only think about what could be, and not what is?

Long pause…..! Imagine it…! Take a deep breath, think… Didn’t you ever feel it at some point in your life? It is anything but depressing, it’s the poignant truth! Life, finally looks more precious than all the materialistic things hoarded over the years.

When I see people succumbing to covid 19 I am scared, for tomorrow is a distant thought. All the dreams and all the plans may never be accomplished. What is, is now! If that’s what it is then I’d start focussing on the small feats.

Small feats that give big joys like making my daughter smile, investing time in her growth, being there for her everyday, like there’s no tomorrow!

Toxic Workplaces

Trying to figure out what should be acceptable and what shouldn’t be at a workplace and what exactly makes the best of the workplaces toxic?

I have been thinking quite a lot about it and have come to believe that the world doesn’t need bosses, but leaders. Visionaries that inspire you to do better. Those that believe in you, believe your actions and are a part of your growth. Those that entrust you with responsibilities to not blame you when things go wrong but to teach you as to why things didn’t work. If learning is an ongoing process and an employee is supposed to learn new things every day, it’s the job of the leader to teach them new things. There’s no shame in learning hence there’s should be no shame in teaching, yet how many bosses teach?  

The other thing with toxic places is that they make workers slog like bonded laborer, expecting them to toil outside the working hours, expecting to work overtime, every day. Why do people work? We have probably gotten it all wrong! We all work because perhaps that’s the only thing we are good at, we have spent enough time of our lives doing what we do, so much so that we start finding solace in the discomfort and toxicity of the very place that takes away our piece of mind. Then again you can’t be in shackles and talk confidently about freedom, there are very few things that are actually valuable in life and anybody that tells you otherwise is lying, money is no doubt important but there’s a price that needs to be paid. It baffles me how people sell their soul and it’s commendable how they believe it’s righteous.

I don’t know how to work as a goner, because I have always put my heart and soul into everything, I am hold accountable for, exactly why I take it personally when my work or I am questioned. I don’t know why people think its ok to stomp over someone’s pride, for me it’s not ok. Loud blaring voices, shouting and calling names is unacceptable, and anybody who thinks its normal has made peace with the devil!  That’s another problem I have with toxic workplaces, where people think it’s their right to belittle people, whenever, wherever they deem fit. Honestly, it’s not!

I am sure, a lot of such places exist, anyway also glad for not being a part of an organization that leeches on to their employees and takes away their best from them, leaving them in doubt and ambiguity; another characteristic of a toxic place that makes you doubt your capabilities!