It didn’t hurt much when I realized my dreams didn’t come true, but it hurt the most when I realised you couldn’t fulfill yours because of me…

No, you didn’t say a word, but the truth struck me like quiet lightening, you’d perhaps have achieved more, been more reckless but you put your ambitions on hold, lest I faced difficulty…

I am blessed, & truly so! In this world of uncertainty, you’re the definite hope.

Love, I am still uncertain of the meaning, I do not believe it exists in phrases but I believe it exists in our thoughts…there could have been flings in the past but you’re the only flame that warms my heart instantly…

I can’t say you’re the first, but I know you’re the only One, for even after 13 years, I long for that warm smile at the end of the day and your touch still rekindles my senses, just like the first time, the first day….except for the grey hair, you’re still that shy boy who stole my heart away…❤️

Sincerely yours,


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